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D.I.Y: Pom Poms

So today, I decided to sit around and make some pom-poms for a pom-pom garland. It's actually pretty relaxing, but very repetitive and requires a lot of patience, I got through in the end. Below I'm going to show a tutorial of how they're done. First of all... you need wool. I just popped down to my local wool shop and grabbed a few colours that tickle my fancy.

It's a lot quicker/easier to make pom-poms if you buy chunky knit wool, rather than double knit. You only really need two things, which are scissors and cardboard. If you're thinking about making a garland then you'll also need a darning needle and natural string or bakers twine.

The Steps:

1. Cut two pieces of cardboard out, the wider the cardboard the bigger the pom pom. I measured my cardboard pieces as 2 cms, which gave me a 2 inch pom pom. Place in-between the cardboard a piece of wool, measuring about 5-6 inches.
2. Grab your yarn of wool, and begin to wrap it around and around the cardboard. I'd say about 150 wraps, creates a nice full looking pom pom.
3. When you've wrapped the wool around enough, tie the two ends which are in-between the card at one edge as tight as possible.
4. Next, on the opposite side of the tie, put the scissors in-between the card and cut the loop.
5. Now get the two ends again and tie them on the other side, to ensure that the pom pom is tightly held together.
6. Cut the ends off and also neaten up any longer bits, to create a round pom pom.

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