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A Perfectly Delivered Design

Whilst randomly surfing the web the other day I stumbled upon this little gem. I present to you all the most beautiful method to transport your delicious home-made pies, the Piebox! These lovely boxes are hand made with love in Chicago using chemical-free, reusable raw pine, giving them an attractive 'homely' feel. The simplicity of the design will not only transport your pie in style, but will also keep your tasty treats intact! I can guarantee you won't be hearing 'Oh, crumbs!' when you remove the lid.

It's not all about the pies, they also cater for cakes and cupcakes. I introduce you to the Cakebox, crafted using the same materials as the Piebox, designed to carry another very important baked good. Whether you're a cupcake baker or a cake decorator, you'll be the talk of the town when you deliver them in one of these boxes!

It's time to get baking and boxing.


  1. You're right, they do look "homey," and the pie helps too!

  2. Oh my this is amazing! I absolutely love the style of these. I've seen those plastic cake / cupcake holders used to transport, but these are just absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing with us!