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D.I.Y: Gift Wrap

Ever wanted to create your very own gift wrap? Well now you can with a few simple steps. Below are a number of things you'll need...
As you can see this mini project is almost cost free, you'll probably have everything you need lying around in your house. I'm going to be printing my design onto a roll of brown kraft paper, which only cost me a mere 99p from my local Range store.

Let's begin! First of all, you'll need to mark out the shape you want on the foam using a pen or pencil (I found a pen better, as it didn't rub off as I was cutting out). When you're happy with the look of your shape, carefully blob a tiny bit of superglue on the back and hold it firmly on the end of the cork for a few seconds; make sure you're not glueing your fingers to it aswell.

Ta-dahhh! You now have a home-made stamp!

Now it's time to begin stamping on your chosen roll of paper. I tried to evenly space my hearts like polka dots for a uniform styled pattern. If you've created a small stamp like mine, it might also look nice scattered on the paper to look like confetti.

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