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G F Smith Parcel

So the other day I received my special little parcel I ordered from G F Smith, a company specialising in high quality paper products. I was so delighted when I opened the package to be confronted with a very nice canvas-like white box. I was even more thrilled by what I found inside!


The unwrapping!

Inside I found two very nicely bound yellow booklets. One which was all about their range of colours and the other dedicated to the blacks and the whites. In the back covers of both of them was an abundance of colour samples stuck in ever so neatly. They have such a vast variety of colours and textures, it truly is amazing to look and also feel.

Hidden underneath those two booklets, were four tiny but rather thick books. Each one was specialised to a certain category; Colourplan, Textures, Smooths and Specials. The specials one is my favourite, it contains paper that's covered in a premium gloss to samples which have had gold leaf applied and a kind of banana paper texture layered over the top.

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