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Colour Inspiration!

If you've been struggling for new designs for the new year, why not explore into the recent trending colours for a source of inspiration! There are plenty of websites, such as; Dulux, Pantone and Crown Paint that offer a wide variety of colour schemes, from "Sea Urchin" blues, to "Citrus Grove" yellows.

One of the best websites for keeping up to date with the latest trends is of course, Dulux. They've just recently announced 'Colour of the Year 2013' which is Indigo Night. A beautiful colour with a relaxing purplish hue. For more information on the colour, go to:

If you're looking for a variety of colours to go by, then Dulux also has a Winter 12/13 palette, which personally I think is very pleasing to the eye. I can see that various blues seem to be trending a lot this year, which isn't a bad thing at all, since blue is a very tranquil and understanding colour. Below is a screenshot of their colour palette and an example of it being used.

Another website that I thought had quite a nice selection of colour trends for 2013 was on I really like the light pastel tones, especially the 'Stratton Blue and "Dusty Mauve". If you find these palettes attractive, then I'd recommend following the link through to their website, as they have a number of different ones.

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